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You asked, we answered

We took to our Facebook page to see if there were any lingering questions stopping our online community from joining the ACM Gold family. You asked, we answered - 

Zanele asked: 

"Is trading always about making money if I use the techniques and indicators correctly? Can I make money when going short and long and finally, how do I access the profit?"

We answered:

Zanele, you can make a profit when going short or long. 

Withdrawing funds is easy. Your account will have been FICA'd before you started trading, and we're local, so funds are released within 3 workings days. 

Xolane asked:

"Hi! I want to start trading but I want to know if ACM Gold is the right broker for me. I don't want to lose money."

We answered:

Hi Xolane. We are an FSB regulated broker and do offer an introductory session. In that session we'll help you get acquainted with software and teach you about risk management to equip you with the knowledge so you can enter into the world of Forex trading with confidence. 

Do you have a question? Ask us.

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