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Tech Trends For 2017

The new year is just up ahead, and it’s time to start thinking about, or planning for, what to expect. One area of our lives that has actively infiltrated every other realm is, of course, technology. As trends in technology have shifted, industries have been transformed, strategies altered and newfound opportunities discovered by future-focused companies. Who would have thought, ten or fifteen years ago, that self-driving cars would be almost mainstream now? Let’s look at how things will change, as we head towards 2017:

AI For Everything
We (and many others) called it, earlier in 2016 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing lives and transforming our homes, workplaces and everything in between.  AI has the capability to change health care – imagine undergoing a routine surgical operation, with a robot at the helm? This isn’t the future anymore – it’s today, as illustrated in this 2016 test, whereby a surgical robot outdid a surgeon in theatre. You can enjoy reading about that important development here.

Virtual Reality
If we remember 2016 for anything tech-related, it should be for the way Virtual Reality (VR) stepped out of the movie screens and right into our homes and offices. Tech giant, Microsoft, is rumoured to release  HoloLens for consumers during 2017, and we can expect to see some quick shifts towards adopting VR in even more ways soon. Developer and commercial versions of the HoloLens are already out there, so get your headset on and get ready – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Virtual Assistant
Here’s the thing – you’ve already hired your virtual assistant, and they probably already know more about you than you realise. As these symbols of help and guidance advance in scope and we become more reliant upon their skills, we can expect to see more and more people using them to get things done, on time and every time. If Tony Stark had Jarvis, we’ll have Siri. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities here, because perhaps, one day, you’ll be instructing your assistant to check on your trades for you.

Chatbot Bonanza
Interacting with automated technologies is no longer boring – those voice-activated interfaces and the term ‘office hours only’ seem a little old and clunky nowadays, especially when you consider that you can chat to your bank on your favourite social media platform 24/7. Automating consumer-facing communications still feels a little futuristic, but as the technology becomes easier to implement and even more simple to use, chatbots may be driving more and more conversations, making our lives a little easier, along the way.

What’s next in tech? Well, a brand-new year is about to show us.